The Largest One Market place In Nigeria; Connecting Buyers and Sellers.

Afiaoma.com is an all innovative digital one marketplace and a powerful e-commerce platform (B2B & B2C) positioning itself to become the first & the largest one marketplace leader offering online merchants and consumers, a trade center.

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Afiaoma.com intends to revolutionize the system of online business trade, services and transactions in Nigeria and Africa, linking all markets, and businesses from all around Nigeria. Afiaoma.com provides a robust, seamless innovative platform and a transaction mediator technology between buyers and sellers. This will make Afiaoma.com the single largest One market place which aims to link millions of people, all the markets as well as businesses in one hub.


The vision of this dynamic system is to connect all Markets, manufacturers, importers, businesses, persons, companies, corporations into a single largest online market hub in Nigeria and Africa, for the purpose of buying, selling & delivery system. The vision is to solve so many problems including bringing all Markets, Businesses to one single digital world. Unifying the people and connecting them to the rest of the world in trades, deals and transactions and services. Afiaoma.com serves the means and creates the solution where everyone no matter what they do for a living will be connected to the rest of the world in one single click. Afiaoma.com ultimate vision is to become the Largest digital ecommerce hub in Nigeria and Africa.


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