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How Afiaoma Revenue Sharing Works is the Largest marketplace i Nigeria with over 21,000 registered sellers and still growing. has a close system of referral only available to accepted applicants who will be assigned with a specal referral link. Each WORK FROM HOME STAFF has the Job description of using thier Unique Referral Link To register sellers into and each registeration will automatically earn the staff N500. and thats not the end, each time the seller you registered with Your link Upgrades his store package or Promote his/her products on Afiaoma or do any other form of financial transactions on, the referrer still earns N500 no matter the number of sellers they have registered. They will still earns from them Endlessly. (example: if a a subcription agent registers like 5,000 sellers he will be earning N500 from each of the sellers on whatsoever transacton The sellers does on This is what Afiaoma calls Revenue Sharing and its only available to selected few.


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This Is Amazing!

This is the perfect side hustle for anyone, no stress plus the financial freedom it gives, i have been earning over 30k monthly for the past three months.

Image Joseph Jidon — Marketer

Back to back earning

Initially i was skeptical, but i have to give it a trial. i have done afiiliates on other website, but afiaoma affiliate is amazingly different. the idea of reveneu sharing with the people is wonderful. i have earned back to back since i joined

Image Oge Obi — Afiaoma User

Awesome functionality!

The only easy way of making money i have done online and still doing is afiaoma affiliate. very simple to do and constantly earning moeny for me

Image Prisca Adeniyi — Make-up Artist

Best affiliate!

Greate platform for anyone serious of making money, very easy and instant withdrawal. i have earned more than 70k after joining two months ago.

Image Uche Nwafor, — Make-up Artist