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Afiaoma Opportunity

We are growing and expanding fast. Bring Your Skills onboard to have the best experience.

Since we continuously give staff members opportunity to advance in a variety of organizational roles, we place value on diverse expertise inside our organization.

Join us and enjoy the increasing benefits.

Competitive Salaries

Our pay package is tailored with Current economic realities

Career Development

Through our Trainings, you can develop your entrepreneurial skills.

Working Tools

We equip you with adequate working tools in a serene environment

Our Teams are Enthusiastic, Active, and Enterprising.


Below are some of the available positions to apply for.

Subsription Staff

Signing up sellers on afiaoma (can work remotely)

Brand Manager

Brand manager is responsible for making sure that branding is consistent across advertising and campaigns

Chief marketing officer

Responsible for leading and managing an organization's marketing efforts.

Social Media Manager

Provides the voice for a company across social channels

Graphics Designer

Visualizing and creating graphics including illustrations, logos, layouts and photos.

Fullstack Web Developer

Works in the IT department of a company performing both front- and back-end operations on websites and computer systems.

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